The Loss of Some Detail Book Review

I have been asked to review The Loss of Some Detail by Mandi Martin on behalf of Authoright.

The Loss of Some Detail.jpg
Title: The Loss of Some Detail
Author: Mandi Martin
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published review: 11th April 2020
Format: Kindle
Release Date: 17th March 2020
Genre: Historical Fiction
Page Count: 162
Add It: Goodreads.



A little about the book – synopsis:

Forget all you know, for all you know might well be false.

That is how is often seems to asylum worker James Grey as he tends to the patients abandoned to Oculus Mentis, an austere asylum lost to the world. His day to day quite literally forgettable.

Until now.

Slowly the world around him starts to change. Plagued by lucid dreams, a haunting drawing and visions of a pleading female he feels his mind is dissolving.

Aided by the enigmatic Silas and silent Marianne he seeks to solve the mysteries that are tormenting him.

My review:

The Loss of Detail had me a little confused throughout the book until the end when it all became clear. What a story and it was executed very well. I loved learning all about the main character James Grey – he was definitely an interesting lead.

It was my first time reading a book set in a mental asylum and I found it quite interesting. The scenes were set well because of the way Mandi had written the descriptions, I was able to visualise each scene and gain a general understanding of how the patients lived. I felt this was important and added a lot to my reading experience.

As a reader you are introduced to Silas and Marianne – both characters living in the asylum. I became very fond of Silas, he was a great addition to the story. Silas seemed like a calm character and one that didn’t like to reveal his true colours. I struggled with Marianne because I didn’t quite understand her presence – was she really mute? Was she in James’ thoughts?

I would definitely recommend this book so please add it to your Goodreads and get it read!

The book was a fairly easy read and I completed it within two days. However, the copy I received did have lots of spelling mistakes in so I would recommend the publishers reviewing and editing it again.

About the author:

Mandi Martin.jpg

I’m in my thirties and I live in Ryde on the beautiful Isle of Wight although I was born in Birmingham.

There’s not really a lot to say about me really. I have Aspergers and writing became my outlet, social situations terrified me so I spent a lot of time writing poetry, drawing and losing myself in worlds of my own.

I absolutely adore animals; I prefer them to people, so my two cats clearly get away with almost anything.

I live with my brother and my mother and spending time with them is another highlight of my day. Although, I could do without the trial of socks and others pieces the former leaves in his wake.

Weather and health permitting I enjoy walking and also looking around graveyards, it possibly sounds morbid but the history and the artistry fascinate me.

I also collect lapel pin badges, I think I have over ten thousand now but I couldn’t say, I gave up counting ages ago, it was taking too long!


The Awakened: Book One of the Ethereal Series Book Review

Today I am taking part in my first blog tour and have been given the opportunity to review The Awakened: Book One of the Ethereal Series by Julian Cook. This book was sent to me by Authoright.



Title: The Awakened (The Ethereal Series #1)
Author: Julian Cheek
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published review: 7th April 2020
Format: Kindle
Add It: Goodreads.
Summary: “A boy who often dreams of another world.”


A little about the book – synopsis:

My name is Sam. I am nothing special but apparently if I don’t wake up, both this world and that other one will be destroyed. Nice One! All I wanted was to disappear into my own world and be left alone. But, No! Even THAT was taken away from me.
Well just wait. You want me to fight? I’ll show you “fight.”

You took the most important thing in my life away from me, and now I am coming for you. Hidden away in your mountain stronghold, even the rocks around you will not stop me getting to you. You started this war. I am going to finish it!

Seventeen year old Sam just wants to be left alone! He has enough to cope with in his invisible, suburban, existence without having some fantastic and, frankly, unasked-for, alternate reality drop into his life asserting that he has powers beyond his wildest dreams. And that unless he does something, both his world, and that of Muanga-Atua, will come to a horrible end.

A terrifying episode one blustery night may be enough to start to erode the impregnable shell he thought he had built up around himself. A shell, not to keep others out, but to keep the rage in. Could he afford, as was the norm now, just to do nothing?

Julian Cheek’s captivating debut novel is a compulsive read for all those who battle every day with the simple task of just wanting to be heard.

My review:

The book will have you enjoying its descriptive elements. They are quite clever and I haven’t come across this before in a book. While reading The Awakened, you can easily visualise the surroundings and become invested in the characters. Sam is a strong character and builds connections with various characters throughout the book.

It does take a little while for Sam to adapt from his dreams to this other world. He is convinced that it’s a dream for the first half of the book until he comes to terms with the wants and needs from the other characters.

For me I felt the relationship between Sam, his mother and father was very realistic. The sad passing of David and how it came between the three of them was explored well by the author. You could see this happening in a real life situation and it almost felt like a personal experience. This was probably one of my favourite parts of the book.

It isn’t a usual read for me but I look forward to seeing what else Julian Cheek brings to the book world!

You can keep an eye on the rest of the tour by following it here:

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The Food of Love Book Review

Amanda Prowse has been an author I’ve wanted to read for a long time but was always on my TBR shelf. I’m actually quite glad I stocked up on some of her books through Kindle Unlimited though or else I probably wouldn’t have discovered The Food of Love. I thought I’d try my first ever audiobook and at first I found it quite strange – there’s nothing I love more than reading and visualising so making the adjustment to listening and concentrating was odd.


Here’s a little about The Food of Love:

Freya Braithwaite is a happily married mother of two, to her beloved teenage daughters. You’ve got confident Charlotte and the very caring Lexi. Their family home sounds perfect and they all eat regularly together – who wouldn’t want that? Endless love and laughter.

But there’s a gradual change in the household. The family are oblivious to it but Lexi struggles with her weight and it completely takes over. Once the truth is out (told by one of her school teachers), the whole family begin to feel helpless and cannot understand how Lexi is feeling.

As Lexi begins to decline, she follows the ‘hidden’ traits of this illness. The book explores how sufferers begin to cover up their illness and what actions they take to prevent those close to them finding out. Lexi begins to wear thicker clothes or more layers, using tricks to make herself heavier (coins in her shoes – this broke my heart) when being weighed. Through all of this Freya is still unconvinced that her daughter is ill. I felt myself being angry with Lexi for hiding the truth and then annoyed with Freya for being so in denial. My annoyance only grew when Freya rejected the idea of an eating disorder from a medical expert.

My review:

Please read this book. It’s such an eye opener and helped me to understand eating disorders more. Plus you feel a part of the family while you’re reading it, trust me.

It is heart-wrenching story that takes you on Lexi’s journey and how she battles living with an eating disorder. There are so many secrets uncovered and I had no idea of the implications eating disorders can cause.

I was heavily invested in all of the characters, you become especially connected to the females in the book. Thankfully the narrator had a calming voice so it suited the book extremely well. There are so many things I want to say about it. It may sound daft but it was beautifully written although I am aware it was about a sad and distressing illness.

It was clear Amanda had undertaken lots of research into the subject rather than writing it on a whim. It was almost like she’d experienced a similar situation and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much – realism. It felt personal and you are more engrossed with a story if you know there’s a little significance there.

It was an incredibly moving book and I rated it 5/5 because it sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Thank you Amanda for writing such a touching story. I also would like to recommend listening to the audiobook, I loved it.



What on earth is a blog these days?

You will have noticed I haven’t written a blog post in over a year. I don’t know what to talk about to you all even though I have many hobbies in the outside world. I sadly left blogging in 2019 and completely detached myself from the blogging community. It was refreshing but also strange at the same time because I thoroughly enjoy writing.

Now we’re in lockdown because of the dreaded COVID-19 virus it might be time to take it back up.

Some of you may know that I run my own online book club so it might be that I start book blogging again. I love writing reviews but I just need to grab my mojo back because supporting authors has always been my thing.

These are my interests:

  • Books
  • Theatre
  • Aerial hoops
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • General health (asthma, hypermobility)

What’s happening in your world? Are you enjoying blogging and what are you focusing on?

Why you should take part in a Parkrun

Parkruns are entered by thousands every week and they may seem a little daunting because you might not be able to run 5k but neither can I. I started my local Parkrun at Conkers back in March to train for Derby 10k and it is something I would like to do every Saturday (when I’m around anyway).

As I have written before I am asthmatic and this year I have been extremely poorly with my asthma, steroids three times in fact. This hasn’t stopped me from taking part in something I really enjoy doing. By taking part in local Parkruns I am trying to strengthen my lungs for the outdoors and improve my asthma. Today I did struggle and completed my Parkrun in 38:17 which I was a little disappointed with but oh well, there’s the next one to smash.

If you want to know what to expect you will not be disappointed when you sign up and go for the first time. Everyone is so friendly, there’s a fantastic atmosphere and the volunteers deserve a round of applause too. The course at Conkers isn’t too tough, it has a ‘Cheeky Hill’ which I haven’t managed to jog up yet but it is fairly flat.

One thing you must take into consideration is to pace yourself. Yes you earn a Personal Best time but that can be accomplished when you are ready. I have previously over done it and I am learning to do what I can, my body knows when to stop.

If you want to join me on a Parkrun please do!!

Blogging has been postponed

Hello 2019, hello everyone – I think you may have forgotten about me because I’ve certainly forgotten about you. Blogging has been pushed back for months now, I have completely lost interest in writing which breaks my heart.

I am working two jobs, rehearsals every Monday (sometimes twice a week inc Sunday), a personal trainer, the gym, a book club. I am doing FAR TOO MUCH and it’s too overwhelming. I don’t even have time to sell my life on eBay which I need to do. I miss reading, I miss watching Netflix, I miss spending time with my friends – I MISS A LIFE.

For those that know, I’m trying to save for a house so I am working round the clock to make this happen. Unfortunately I am miles off from the deposit and really concerned it’ll take me a life time to get there. Here’s where I suggest that if you’re young enough get saving now. Please don’t leave it until you’re 25 and sat there staring at other people’s success whilst drowning in overtime at work.

Blogging will always be in my top 10 favourite things to do so I won’t be giving it up yet at all. I’m still going to be around and I’ll be thinking of things to write about.

I will get back into this – onwards and upwards.

Giving Blood for the first time

Over 3 months ago I signed up to donate blood because I saw several Twitter ads asking for O Negative blood which is me! The day finally arrived and I have not long got back from the donating centre. I have been nervous about donating blood for a while as I am ridiculously squeamish so I have always been put off but today I was ready and drank endless glasses of vimto so nothing went wrong.

I waited and I waited until I was called. The questions were asked, my finger was pricked and I was seated ready to go until…my veins decided to ruin everything. Two nurses had to attempt to bring my veins to the surface but they just couldn’t be bothered to show their blueness.

The feeling of guilt took over. I was constantly apologising to the nurses who look liked they needed a break because time was ticking and the waiting area didn’t seem to decrease in numbers. I felt like I had let a lot of people down that are currently lying in hospital needing a blood transfusion.

So my first experience was unfortunately a negative one because my veins in both arms aren’t visible enough. I have booked again though for three months time so I will be giving my veins a good talking to.

Thank you to all of the staff at the donating centre today, you’re all amazing doing what you’re doing! If you’d like to give blood please visit Blood and get signed up today, you won’t regret it.

How losing weight is proving tough

For the last 6-7 weeks I have been going to the gym and taking up new classes like boxing and abs blast. These have been absolutely terrifying but I’m starting to get used to what the classes have to offer. My stamina has increased, I am using my inhaler less during exercise and I’m geared up to go to the gym more.

The only downside to me working out so much is I’m not seeing any physical results. In 6 weeks I have only lost 3lbs despite changing what I eat and how many calories I am consuming. This is getting me down as you can imagine. I have been told to take measurements so I’ve done that and none of those have changed either, very surprised.

I made the decision to book an appointment with my doctor to see what advice they can give me. Around two years ago I was sent for a blood test to rule out an underactive thyroid as I do suffer with many of the symptoms – it came back fine. So I have once again booked to see if they can test me again because it would make a lot of sense as to why I am struggling.

I would love some pointers? I have been using My Fitness Pal as well but I haven’t given it a real chance yet so I’ll go back to that soon.

Heavenly Desserts or Second Hand Desserts?

Yesterday I was invited to Heavenly Desserts in Loughborough for their grand VIP opening. It was great to see so many people outside the venue and we were also surprised by a generous donation to Rainbows Hospice. I never knew this was happening so I’m glad I had my camera at the ready!

Cheque presentation for Rainbows

After the grand opening we were invited to sit in a booth together which was a little tight but we managed it! I loved the decor, it was simple but really effective and they had additional products on their shelves. With them offering various flavours of ice creams the colours really stood out. Heavenly Desserts felt fresh despite it being new, it was modern and left your eyes wandering.

The menus were very thick and full of far too much choice, it was hard to narrow it down because to be honest I would have happily eaten as many desserts as possible. I am a huge fan of pudding and can normally eat as much chocolate as I like and I never feel sick! So let’s see how my dessert went down…


I decided to opt for a Ferrero Royale American Waffle because I love Ferrero Rocher’s and the picture looked incredible. I was toying with a milkshake for a while as they normally give me stomach ache but I thought what the heck, I’ll only live that Saturday once right? So I had the Belgian Chocolate Milkshake – chocolate overload!

Everyone had received their desserts before myself and my plus one and I’ve got to say they looked incredible. I wanted to take a bite out of each one. Our order had to be taken twice as it seems it had gotten lost and we were still waiting. It seemed a little chaotic to me but it wasn’t ruining my experience just yet.

My fellow blogger friend Bejal ordered a Belgian Waffle but was accidentally served an American Waffle with Nutella. Before she’d realised Bejal had cut into the corner of the waffle and eaten it. The waitress was told it was incorrect and took it away. A few seconds later a replacement for Bejal was bought over and it looked great. My order came over a few minutes later and looked absolutely delicious until I turned it around for photos. As I said above, Bejal’s waffle had a bite missing and guess what? So did mine!! It turns out they’d just chucked the additional toppings from my menu choice onto Bejal’s old EATEN order. Please just read EATEN and be as horrified as me.


I sat there and told everyone on my table I’ve just been given a waffle that’s previously been eaten. I’m not saying Bejal is full of germs but c’mon who thinks it’s acceptable to present someone with incorrect eaten food?! There are no words for this incident and when I told a member of staff, they genuinely didn’t seem like they cared. A lady took it back and all of a sudden the staff just turned around and stared at me. Sorry, let’s just remember who’s in the wrong here? I am not, YOU ARE. At this point I don’t even want another dessert because who else’s seconds am I getting?

Please please please tell me why you would serve someone, someone’s incorrect dish? Would you want to have second-hand food if you were eating out? I doubt it so don’t do it to me. After this experience I’m sorry but I will not be returning and will not be saying anything good about the Loughborough branch. I will accept it was stupidly busy, too busy for a ‘VIP’ event for bloggers but what happened yesterday is beyond disgusting and extremely unhygienic. I’m still questioning why this even happened.

At this point my plus one still didn’t have her dessert. My new one came and yes it was fresh because steam was coming off it, thank goodness. It was really tasty but I started to feel sick so I ended up leaving a quarter of it along with the ice cream.

I was really looking forward to this event because Heavenly Desserts has always looked delicious on Instagram posts but my visit was full of disappointment. My advice would be to have bloggers and special guests seated before the general public because it was just mayhem and not a nice experience.

*I was given a free dessert in exchange for an honest review.